Wyden Reacts To Malheur Trial Outcome

Oct 28, 2016

Among those reacting to yesterday’s acquittal in the Malheur occupation case is Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden.  

U.S. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden in Eugene, OR.
Credit Brian Bull

Speaking to reporters today in Eugene, Wyden says he respects the verdict and urges people to discuss how government can work to serve all the people…when a small group of armed extremists can take over a federal building.

“I sure hope common sense prevails now," says Wyden.  "And when you think about it, the extremists didn’t do themselves a lot of good because you didn’t see them making a lot of converts in the process.  Basically the only thing they accomplished was causing a lot of pain and heartache for the folks in Harney County.” 

Anti-government militia leader Ammon Bundy and six followers were all acquitted of conspiracy charges by a jury yesterday.  The group had occupied a U.S wildlife center for 41 days earlier this year.