Lincoln City Cultural Center

Calm Waters
By permission of the Lincoln City Cultural Art Center


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Lincoln City Cultural Center

As Oregon lawmakers decide how to divy up $240 million in federal pandemic relief, one cultural institution on the coast is hoping that potential state funding doesn’t disappear twice in two years.


Photo provided by Beck Johnson.

A program for LGBTQ youth on the coast is nearing its first year of operation in rural Lincoln County.

Bill Hall is a  Lincoln County Commissioner and author of the utopian novel McCallandia, which explores an alternate universe in which Oregon Governor Tom McCall becomes President. Bill Hall speaks to Eric Alan about McCall's legacy, and the wild things that just might have happened in the 1970s, had Nixon chosen McCall instead of Agnew for Vice President.

“Sound of Nature, Sound of Art” will merge live chamber music from the Three Centuries Ensemble with live painting by three visual artists, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area. Eric Alan speaks with violinist Jonathan Dubay, creator of the unique celebration.  The interview includes excerpts of music from Gabriel Faure's Piano Trio Opus 120 and Oregon composer Bryan Johanson's "The Wave Sings Because It Is Moving."

Blaze and Kelly Live at KLCC

Oct 13, 2014
Photo by Eric Alan

Blaze and Kelly are a duo from Idaho that includes Niccole Blaze on guitar and vocals, and Mo Kelly on bass and vocals. They came in to the KLCC studios for songs and conversation in the midst of an Oregon tour, including upcoming appearances at the Arts Northwest Booking Conference, Nana's Irish Pub in Newport, at the Lincoln City Cultural Center, and the Drift Inn in Yachats.