Radio Redux

Bob Bishop

There’s only one thing wrong with the Fred Crafts’ Radio Redux Christmas Special. And that is, it’s too late to see it. The Radio Redux programs at the Soreng Theatre run just one weekend, Friday through Sunday.

Brian Bull / KLCC

A door is kicked open.  A shot rings out.  A body falls. Saying it isn’t enough if you’re doing radio theater…you need a convincing sound to sell the action.  Jonathan Ward knows that.  He’s a foley artist for Fred Craft’s Radio Redux, which is performing “War of the Worlds” this weekend.  KLCC’s Brian Bull visited Ward during a rehearsal, and has this audio postcard.  

Radio Redux opens 2014-15 season

Oct 28, 2014

Radio Redux is a theater company based in Eugene which celebrates the golden age of radio, roughly 1935-1960, by recreating important broadcasts live on stage. Radio Redux has a new home at the Soreng Theatre at the Hult Center. The new season opens this Friday with "Arsenic & Old Lace.