Somewhat Cooler Summer Weather Expected In Western Oregon

Aug 10, 2017

Oregonians can expect some relief from the string of very hot days we’ve been experiencing. The National Weather Service is forecasting a cooling trend as we head into the weekend.

Credit Rachael McDonald

David Elson is a meteorologist with NWS in Portland. He says we’ll have temperatures back in the mid-80s on Saturday.
 “We’re looking for upper-70s by Sunday.” Elson says.
McDonald: “That’s going to feel really cool.”
Elson: “Yeah.”
McDonald: “Is there the possibility too of some rain?”
Elson: “So, for Sunday, we do have a slight chance for some rain in the morning and a slight chance for showers in the afternoon.”
Elson says that’s about a 20 percent chance.
What about on the day of the eclipse? Do we know if there will be clouds on that morning?
Elson: “You know, that’s still, what about a week and a half out and our models really aren’t particularly reliable out that far.”
Elson says the weather pattern is going back to more normal conditions which means there is always that chance for morning clouds.

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