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4J Staff to Receive 650 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

Elizabeth Gabriel


Some education staff in Lane County are preparing to get vaccinated this week after the county received 1,700 doses for educators. The Eugene 4J district is receiving about one-fifth of the doses needed to vaccinate all staff.


4J is receiving about 650 doses needed to vaccinate the district’s roughly 3,000 staff members. 4J Chief of Staff Kerry Delf said the district is focusing on vaccinating employees who will have the most contact with the youngest grade levels, and other staff in contact with students in-person.

“We have some limited in-person instruction occurring and there are staff who are working daily with students, and that is continuing to expand over the coming weeks," said Delf. "And so staff who are providing limited in-person instruction and have more face-to-face contact with students, are high in that priority list as well.”

Delf said many of 4J’s healthcare staff have been able to get the vaccine. 4J is also supporting the administration of vaccines at smaller districts such as Crow Applegate School District and the Lane Education Service District.

Staff will be contacted by the district if they are able to make appointments in the coming weeks.

Elizabeth Gabriel is a former KLCC Public Radio Foundation Journalism Fellow. She is an education reporter at WFYI in Indianapolis.
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