4J Surveys Needs And Wants For North Eugene School District

Jun 12, 2017

A new survey asks North Eugenians to weigh in on what they want for their public school system.

The anonymous survey is available online through June 23rd on the 4J district website.

Credit 4J School District website.

District spokeswoman Kerry Delf says this is part of an ongoing review of the four school districts across the city.

“One thing that is under consideration is for a potential bond measure in the future, having that include building a new North Eugene High School," she says.  

"No decisions have been made yet, but that is under discussion.  And also what programming and what features are people in the community looking for, what would they like to keep, what would they like to see changed, in those north region schools?” 

Delf says there will likely be surveys for the South Eugene, Churchill, and Sheldon school districts to follow.

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