Adolescent Suicide Rate For 2018 Spurs Countywide Response

Mar 5, 2018

Already this year, there’s been five youth suicides in Lane County. That’s prompted officials to activate what’s known as “incident command structure”. KLCC’s Brian Bull explains.

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On average, Lane County sees seven adolescent suicides in a one-year period.  So the fact there’s been five already in roughly the first two months of 2018 has intensified concerns. 

Roger Brubaker is Suicide Prevention Coordinator for Lane County Public Health.  He says “incident command structure” activation means there will be more resources and personnel committed to suicide awareness and prevention.

“Coordinate the communication to students, staff, and parents of those affected, and then coordinate resources which we are bringing trained mental health professionals to schools, to support those who are bereaved by suicide or those who are at risk for attempting suicide themselves.”

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Brubaker says people undergoing mental distress need to know it’s okay to ask for help.  And it’s okay for people to ask someone if they are having suicidal thoughts, and get them help.

The incident command structure activation will last for an indefinite period.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-TALK (8255).

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