Anonymous Donor Gifts $100,000 Towards New YMCA

Dec 21, 2017

A capital campaign to raise $26 million towards a brand new YMCA facility in Eugene has just gotten a hefty boost.

Credit From Eugene YMCA Facebook

An anonymous donor sent in a $100,000 check this week. 

“This is a different kind of support that makes us feel really good and sends a great message to the rest of our donors that we’re heading in the right direction," says Lisa MacMaster, Senior Director of Philanthropy and Communications.

"We just really appreciate that vote of faith and confidence, from this anonymous donor.  So whoever you are, if you’re listening, thank you.”

The new YMCA will be built on the site of the former Roosevelt Middle school at Hilyard and 24th avenue.  It’ll replace one built in 1955, and have more accessible space and updated features. 

No groundbreaking date is set yet, but organizers hope to reach 80 percent of their fundraising goal before then.