Appellate Judge Says Groups Can Challenge Oregon Wolf De-listing

Jul 6, 2016

Conservation groups have gotten the go-ahead to challenge wolf de-listing in Oregon.  a state court of appeals judge says the lawsuit can go forward despite recent legislation.

Credit Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife removed gray wolves from the state’s endangered species list last fall. This despite protests from conservationists who say the predators have not fully recovered in Oregon. There are about 100 gray wolves known to live in the state.

Nick Cady is with Eugene-based Cascadia Wildlands. With two other conservation groups they challenged the ODFW decision in court.

“Our goal is to reverse that decision de-listing wolves. And I think it’s important not just for wolves, but for every state listed species. I think the state endangered species act is an important piece of legislation and we’d like to see the principle of sound science in endangered species management upheld.”

Lawmakers passed house bill 4040 earlier this year which blocked judicial review of wolf de-listing. The conservation groups’ lawsuit was dismissed in April but Tuesday the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled the challenge can go forward.