Benton County Hopes Voters Will Fund New Jail

Jun 1, 2015

Benton County plans to ask voters to pay for a new, larger jail. The funding measure will be on the November ballot.

Credit Benton County

The current Benton County Jail was built in 1976. It's in downtown Corvallis, adjacent to the historic courthouse. The jail can house up to 40 inmates. Benton County Sheriff Scott Jackson says the county rents up to 40 beds from other jails and has to turn away more than 100 inmates a year. He wants voters to see for themselves that the jail needs replacing. The Sheriff is offering tours every Saturday.

"Our community members can come in, tour the jail, and make up their own mind."

The county is still researching a location and the cost of a new jail. They'd like to build on the outskirts of town.