Campfires Banned in Oregon’s State Parks And Forests East Of I-5

Jul 21, 2021

As Oregon copes with drought conditions and limited wildfire resources, a ban goes into effect Thursday, July 22 on campfires in all state parks and forest lands east of I-5 from California to Washington.


Camper roasts marshmallows at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park near Portland. These sorts of fire can quickly create fire danger with current climate conditions.
Credit OPRD


Types of fire covered by the ban are wood fires, campfires, charcoal fires, tiki torches, pellet-fired grills. Anything that has an open flame or creates embers and cannot be immediately extinguished.

Propane stoves and lanterns are still allowed, but this may change.

Oregon Parks and Recreation Spokesperson Chris Havel encourages people to plan ahead by packing food that doesn’t need to be cooked and having warm gear to stay comfortable without a fire.

“You know, maybe a little discomfort or giving up a marshmallow in order to save a town,” said Havel. “That’s a pretty easy choice.”

According to Havel, the ban on campfires has happened every year for the last five years. But this year, it’s happening about a month earlier than usual.

“Be as careful out there as you are in your own backyard,” Havel said.

Check state fire restrictions here and here. Local authorities will also have bans specific to their area.