Coronavirus Case Count Climbs to 206 In Lincoln County

Jun 14, 2020

Over the weekend, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 grew to 206 in coastal Lincoln County. So far, no one there is known to have died of the virus.

Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport.
Credit City of Newport

Public Health spokesperson Susan Trachsel says a person who tested positive at the Pacific Seafood plant, told their contacts which lead to mass testing at the plant just over a week ago.

“It’s been here. I mean, clearly it came from somewhere in the beginning." Trachsel says. "Our first case was what in March or something? That person just got out of the hospital. So, we know it’s been here but it’s starting to spread more rapidly now.”

Public health is engaged in contact tracing. It’s also trying to get information to the community. One challenge is that the outbreak is in a community that speaks Spanish and the Guatemalan language, Mam.

Monday, at 7 pm, Lincoln County Public Health is holding at Live Virtual event in Spanish, Mam, and English to share information about COVID-19.

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There are seven positive cases of COVID-19 at the popular Local Ocean Seafood restaurant in Newport. Owner Laura Anderson announced on Facebook Sunday that the restaurant is temporarily closed. She says all the positive cases are among employees who work in the kitchen. None had contact with customers. She says her service staff, who did interact with customers, have all tested negative for the virus. The Newport News-Times reports Georgie’s Beachside Grill has announced that four of it’s employees tested positive. The newspaper says there are four other potential workplace outbreaks in Lincoln County. Lincoln County public health says it will only announce workplace outbreaks by name if there are more than 5 positive cases at the business. One of the largest workplace outbreaks in the state is at Pacific Seafood processing plant in Newport, with 127 cases.

Health officials are urging the public to stay home if possible and wear masks and practice physical distancing if in public.