County Leaders Consider Conservation Plan For Mt. Pisgah

Sep 11, 2018

Lane County Commissioners heard Tuesday about a new management plan for Buford Park and Mount Pisgah. The plan provides a long-term strategy for habitat conservation.

Credit Mt. PIsgah Arboretum

The Mount Pisgah Habitat Management Plan provides a vision for the next 15 years at the popular park.
Ed Alverson is Natural Areas Coordinator for Lane County Parks. He says Mt Pisgah and the more than 2-thousand acre Buford Recreation Area include rare oak and savannah.
“The park is actually one of the single largest conservation ownerships in the Willamette Valley, particularly in regard to those prairie and savannah habitats. So region-wide, it’s an important conservation site.”
Alverson says the plan can help guide future projects at the park. The process started in 2009 and included public involvement, the Friends of Buford Park and Mt. Pisgah and the Arboretum. Alverson hopes the plan will be adopted later this fall.