County Seeks Public Input on Large Events

Oct 14, 2014

After outcry from neighbors of Buford Park and Mount Pisgah, Lane County has canceled large events at Emerald Meadows for 2015. Meanwhile it's gathering public input on how to manage such gatherings at County parks in the future.

Emerald Meadows at the Mt Pisgah Buford Park Recreation Area.
Credit Rachael McDonald

A 13-member task force has been meeting since June to discuss policies for large events at all County parks including the Emerald Meadows venue in Buford Park.  People who live near Mt Pisgah objected to loud concerts and heavy traffic during events two summers ago. This led the Board of Commissioners to halt large events there. John Helmer chairs the task force.
Helmer: "I think of it sort of doing a reset thing. Okay, lets diffuse the energy around it and take a moment and step back and think about what the public would like to see happen in that venue area."
Helmer says the task force is looking at the whole park system, and he encourages people to join the conversation. There's an open house Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 at the Lane County Public Works Building on Delta Highway in Eugene. There's also an online survey. The task force meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month through May and the public is welcome at those meetings.