DACA Deadline Passes But Insecurity Remains For Local Dreamer

Mar 5, 2018

Monday was the deadline imposed on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program by President Trump. But, despite a federal judge’s extension of DACA, undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children are still in a state of uncertainty because Congress has not made any progress on immigration.

Hugo Nicolas in the KLCC studios.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Hugo Nicolas was born in Mexico. He’s lived in Oregon since he was 11. His parents brought him here to escape violence and economic insecurity. Now 25, he says, thanks to DACA, he was able to attend the University of Oregon and work. But after Trump’s threats to end the program, he’s nervous that he could lose his status.

“I passed, you know, a background check. I met all the qualifications that I’m not a risk to be here in the United States and that I’m contributing to my community. And, it’s disappointing that they don’t want to accept me here and that there’s not a specific way that I can do that. So, I don’t know.”

After Donald Trump was elected, Nicolas left school to work full time. He says he wants to make sure he has money saved up in case he or members of his family are deported. Nicolas says the only home he really knows is here.