DeFazio, Skarlatos To Square Off Over 4th Congressional District In November

May 19, 2020

The contenders for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District were established in last night’s primary.

Incumbent Rep. Peter DeFazio, who won tonight's Democratic primary (left); Alek Skarlatos, winner of the Oregon GOP primary.
Credit Brian Bull, Alek Skarlatos campaign website / KLCC

With more than 30 years’ Congressional experience, Democrat Peter DeFazio soundly defeated challenger Doyle Canning. Via a teleconference call from Washington D.C, DeFazio told supporters he’s now prepping one of the most ambitious transportation infrastructure bills yet.

“Since probably FDR, probably more ambitious than FDR, because its updated for the 21st century, both to deal with infrastructure jobs but also deal with climate change.”

Meanwhile in the Republican primary for the 4th District, Alek Skarlatos overwhelmed rival Nelson Ijih.  Skarlatos says he’s ready to take DeFazio on over “common sense” issues.

“Timber reform, getting back out, managing the forests so they can actually produce timber and not burn every summer. Veterans affairs issues, and protecting the 2nd Amendment.”

The general election will take place November 3rd.

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