Enrollment Down At LCC

Sep 30, 2013

Classes start Monday (September 30th) at Oregon's public Universities and community colleges.  Enrollment is down at Lane Community College. Lane has come to depend more on tuition and the school is facing a budget shortfall.

LCC President Mary Spilde.
Credit Lane Community College

During the height of the recession, Lane experienced a boost in student enrollment. As the economy improves, fewer people are going to community college. LCC president Mary Spilde says they're anticipating a 10 to 15 percent drop in enrollment this term. This could mean an up to 2 million dollar deficit. But Spilde is hopeful lawmakers will restore some funding when they meet in special session.

Spilde: "In the current proposal there would be 15 million dollars in the biennium for Community Colleges. Lane would probably receive between 1.5 and 1.8 million if that legislation were to pass."

The special session in Salem is Monday. Lawmakers will be discussing a deal that would reduce public employee pensions and revise the tax code to restore money to public schools.