EPD Officer Shares Survival "Mantra" For Mass Shooter Incidents

Oct 3, 2017

Law enforcement tries to be on the scene as soon as possible, when live shooter incidents happen like the Sunday night in Las Vegas.  But police say people caught in such scenarios often need to act quickly to help ensure their survival.

Credit Tony Webster / Flickr.com

Eugene Police Lieutenant Eric Klinko says unfortunately, perpetrators of violent shootings are drawn more and more to “soft targets”…places where crowds gather.  He offers this advice for anyone finding themselves in a live shooter situation.

EPD Lieutenant Eric Klinko.
Credit Still from EPD video. / Eugene Police Department

"It’s kind of a mantra of ‘run, hide, fight’," says Klinko.  "If somebody’s caught in a situation like this, their first objective should be to get themselves out of the situation. 

"If they can’t do that because of where they are, to try and hide so that they’re not victimized.  And then as a last resort -- if they’re capable -- to actually try and stop the carnage if they have no other options.” 

Klinko says every three to four years, regional police forces gather to do live shooter scenarios to prepare for such incidents.  The Las Vegas shooting comes two years after a gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, killing nine people.  

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