EPD Says It’s Close To Wrapping Up Hit-and-Run Investigation

Jul 2, 2020

A Eugene Police investigation of a hit and run that injured a prominent Black Lives Matter activist last Sunday is almost complete.

Isiah Wagoner (center) amidst a crowd of protesters at a June 22nd Black Unity march in Eugene.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel

EPD Chief Chris Skinner said they were able to interview Isiah Wagoner Wednesday. He was hit by a car, driven by Travis Waleri, according to witnesses. Wagoner was leading a children's march, organized by local BLM group Black Unity. After getting hit, he was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Skinner told KLCC the investigation has taken some time because they want to be thorough. 

“While we have eyewitness accounts of Isiah being struck by the car, we do have some conflicting information that we had to kind of chase down and try to corroborate.” Skinner said.  “So anytime we have that or a complex investigation, we don’t rush to an arrest, a probable cause arrest.

Skinner said once an arrest is made, the clock starts for the District Attorney’s office. If there’s insufficient evidence, that can risk dismissal. He said police will present the entire case book to the District Attorney in the coming days. 

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