Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy Goes To China For Climate Summit

Jun 1, 2016

Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy is going to China. She’s been invited to participate in a climate summit in Beijing.

Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Piercy is one of 20 mayors of U.S. Cities who will take part in the conference with 40 Chinese mayors.  Piercy says she was asked to speak about sustainable economic development. She also plans to talk about the city’s international award for a zero-waste Olympic Trials.
“We, happily, share our information about how people can put on major sports events in a way that has a low impact on climate and the environment and so all of that some things that Eugene is out in front of.”
The City of Eugene has a climate recovery ordinance that calls for carbon neutral city operations by 2020 and a 50 percent reduction in fossil fuels by 2030. Mayor Piercy departs for Beijing Saturday.