Eugene-Springfield NAACP To Dedicate New Mims House Monument

Nov 22, 2018

A new monument for Eugene’s historic Mims House is being celebrated this weekend by the local NAACP. The organization is holding the event to encourage inclusion.

The Mims' House monument that the NAACP will commemorate on Saturday.
Credit Melorie Begay

The president of the Eugene-Springfield NAACP, Eric Richardson, said the bronze plaque commemorating the Mims House was intentionally designed to build on a growing series of monuments recognizing African-American history, including the Wiley Griffon memorial at the Masonic Cemetery.

“We want to show the positive history of black people in Lane County and make it so that our youngsters can feel proud about their existence and presence here,” he said. 

It’s part of an ongoing effort, Richardson said, to create several spots in the county for people to physically engage with black history. The NAACP is working on adding more historic markers around the area.

The Mims' House celebration is this Saturday starting at 2:00 pm.