Eugene Withdraws Rest-Stop Near Science Factory

Apr 9, 2014

The Eugene City Council voted today [Wednesday] to withdraw a proposed rest-stop location for homeless people near the Science Factory and Cuthbert Amphitheater. Last Friday, Eugene police shut down an illegal homeless camp near downtown called Whoville.  

The illegal camping site called Whoville was shut down last week.
Credit Karen Richards

City Councilor Chris Pryor made the move to withdraw the rest-stop because it's problematic for the Science Factory, Nearby Nature and a car-camping program. Councilor George Brown bemoaned the fact that Whoville was closed before another site was made available for its residents.

Brown: "People are out and about. Out in places where nobody wants them to be with no sanitation facilities. We'll soon be getting complaints from neighborhoods about problems popping up that weren't popping up, however imperfect Whoville was."

Brown says he will soon propose another rest-stop site in overflow lots at Autzen Stadium-- away from the Science Factory. A consortium of homeless advocates says it's willing to manage the site if the city will approve it. There are currently 2 rest stops operating in Eugene- providing a safe place for people without homes.