Eugenian Among Those Watching Donald Trump Sworn In

Jan 17, 2017

Among those attending Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington is the Eugene woman who was his campaign manager in Lane County.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, she has high hopes for the Trump administration.  

Donald Trump poses with Diann Morrison-Wilson, who headed his campaign in Lane County, at a rally in Eugene in 2016.
Credit Diann Morrison-Wilson

Diann Morrison-Wilson says she was directly invited to the event, and will be seated up close when Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

Like other supporters, she expects Trump to crack down on illegal immigration, place a qualified justice on the Supreme Court, revisit dealings with Iran, and revive industries like timber so more rural Americans can escape poverty.

Donald Trump on the campaign trail in Iowa.
Credit Matt Johnson /

“And getting jobs is one of the greatest assets that he has, is to work with people to bring jobs to this state," she tells KLCC.

"I think that’s something people across aisles need to see...where are we failing?” 

Morrison-Wilson is also of Haida heritage, and feels Trump will work well with Native Americans. 

As to the controversial North Dakota pipeline project, she thinks it’s a moot point given the Army Corp’s directive to reroute it from the Standing Rock Reservation.