EWEB Looks To Leave Riverfront Property

Sep 20, 2016

The new general manager (Frank Lawson) of Eugene Water and Electric Board wants to move out of their riverfront headquarters-- sooner than later.

The idea is to consolidate employees under one roof at the Roosevelt operations center. A feasibility plan is expected to be before commissioners by the end of the year.

EWEB Headquarters is situated along the Willamette River in downtown Eugene.
Credit NWCU.com

Joe Harwood is EWEB spokesman. He says the move would make the utility more responsive and affordable.

“The idea is to reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency," says Harwood. "And the beneficiaries of just taking those two steps are always going to be our customers.”  

Harwood says they don’t yet know how much the move will cost. And, it could take years. The City of Eugene has first right of refusal to purchase EWEB’s riverfront property downtown –once it is declared surplus. At least one city counselor, Mike Clark, supports the idea of making it the location for a new city hall.  

post script: Harwood says EWEB plans to keep a small customer service center downtown.