Food Rescue Event Celebrates Imperfect Produce

Sep 21, 2018

Food service at the 2017 Food Rescue event.
Credit City of Eugene

If you garden, you know carrots, tomatoes and squash can grow in odd, non-standard shapes. Tons of food in Lane County is wasted each year because it's not pretty enough to be sold. Saturday in Eugene, 'Operation: Food Rescue' highlights ways to keep good produce from the garbage can.

The second annual event at WildCraft Cider Works features live music, an “ugly” fruit and vegetable contest and, of course, food. Allie Breyer is Waste Prevention Analyst with the City of Eugene. She says Marché will prepare a meal with help from local farms:


Breyer: “They're donating a lot of produce that may have just been composted or wouldn't have been harvested at all to make this delicious meal. It's a good opportunity for people to learn that things that might be ugly to look at might be delicious to eat.”


Breyer says participants will learn facts about use-by dates and other ways to keep food out of the landfill. She says another awareness effort, the residential curbside composting program, is going strong after a two-year pilot. It will likely expand in the coming months.

The event runs from 4:30-7:30 at WildCraft Cider Works: 232 Lincoln St. in Eugene. More details are on the city's website, here.