Gun Bill Stalled In U.S. Senate As Springfield Community Observes Grim Anniversary

May 21, 2020

On this 22nd anniversary of the Thurston High School shooting in Springfield, Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio says a bill passed by the house that would strengthen gun restrictions continues to languish in the Senate.

Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

“Early in this Congress, we passed the most comprehensive bill on common sense gun reforms in terms of expanding comprehensive background checks to virtually every gun transaction except between close family members.”

DeFazio, who lives in the Thurston neighborhood, says the bill would also eliminate online gun sales and default gun purchases—when a buyer can get a gun if a background check is delayed. The Thurston shooting would not likely have been prevented by this bill. The shooter obtained his guns from his father, whom he shot and killed along with his mother before opening fire the next day at Thurston High School.  Two students were killed and 25 people were wounded.