Health Officials Fear Measles Could Show Up In Lane County

Jan 23, 2019

There are now 23 confirmed cases of measles in southwest Washington-- prompting a health alert in Lane County. Investigators say most of those afflicted traveled in the Portland metro area. Now, officials warn the highly contagious disease could make its way down the I-5 Corridor.

This 18-month old child was not immunized against Measles.
Credit Oregon Health Authority

Measles starts off with a runny nose, watery eyes and sometimes a cough. Then there is an unusually high fever. Jason Davis is with Lane County Public Health. He says measles shouldn’t be mistaken for the flu.

“The difference between the flu and the Measles is that the Measles will graduate into another symptom called the Coplik spots. Those are little white spots in the back of your throat. And they’ll develop usually around two to four days after that first fever. Then 3-5 days after that fever, you’ll actually start to develop the classic rash we know measles by.”

Davis says everyone should check their vaccination status and if needed, get the Measles vaccine now. If anyone shows signs and symptoms of measles he says, do not go to your doctor. Call your doctor.