Heavy Rains Drive Up Risk Of Landslides This Time Of Year

Nov 28, 2016

Travelers near Florence are advised that part of Big Creek Road has been hit by a landslide.

Undated photo of warning sign.
Credit Oregon.gov

The affected stretch is between Highway 101 and the Upper North Fork Road.  Crews hope to have it open again by 3:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Devon Ashbridge of Lane County Public Information says it’s a gravel road near just a few homes.  She says any landslide is worth avoiding.

“One, you’ll never know if the landslide is finished.  You don’t want the rest of that hillside to come down on to you," says Ashbridge.  

"Two, you may not be able to see the extent of the road damage underneath that slide, the road may not be stable, so it’s really, imperative that if folks do encounter that, they turn around and they find another route.

"And please report that landslide.  We need to be able to send our folks out.” 

Winter weather in Oregon brings great landslide potential with it, given the constant heavy rains.