Junction City And Yachats Face Water Shortages

Jul 15, 2015

Yachats last week declared a water shortage emergency. The city council has imposed phase one water restrictions t. Junction City is also coping with a water shortage.

Credit Junction City

Junction City relies on well water. It will move forward with digging a new well to help cope with its water shortage. Last night, Tuesday, the City Council approved staff to proceed with engineering and design work for a well at 11th and Elm.

"We're anticipating better production out of that well which would relieve some of the other wells that we currently use.

Gary Kaping is Junction City Public Works Director. He says residents have been cooperating with stage 2 water restrictions which include limits to when people can water outdoors.

The Junction City Athletic Association is also seeking permission to dig a well for its facility. That decision was tabled by council Tuesday. In Yachats more restrictions on water use are imminent.