Lane County Farmers Market Celebrates 100 Years

Aug 20, 2015

Fresh, local produce has been a fixture in downtown Eugene since 1915. The Lane County Farmers Market celebrates its 100th anniversary this weekend.


It used to be called the Eugene Producers’ Public Market, but it originally opened in the same space it occupies today: 8th Avenue and Oak Street. Today the Farmer’s Market includes more than 85 growers, and has incorporated the wintertime holiday market, and Tuesdays and Thursdays in the summer. Carrie Swarts is the Market Manager. She says the long-term dream is for an indoor-outdoor space at the Park Blocks:

Swarts: “The idea is to be able to provide a year-round service, not only for the community, but being able to provide the farmers with an avenue to sell all year round.”

Creating a fund to implement a SNAP match program is another goal, says Swarts. With it, food stamp recipients would be able to double their money at the market. A Lane County Farmers Market anniversary celebration to benefit SNAP takes place Sunday from 5 to 7 on the Park Blocks in Eugene.