Lane County Groups Vow To End Veteran Homelessness

Nov 10, 2014

In time for Veterans Day, Groups in Lane County are launching an effort to end veteran homelessness by 2016. Operation 365 aims to house one veteran each day between now and a year from now.

Credit St Vincent de Paul

The local effort is part of a nation-wide program. St Vincent de Paul of Lane County has been awarded a federal 3 year grant of 3-million dollars to help. St. Vinnies Executive Director Terry McDonald:

McDonald: "We have the outreach and the opportunity to make this ambition goal and we're going to make a run at it."

McDonald says about 25 percent of people who are homeless are veterans.

McDonald: "This is a group of people that have put themselves in harms way on our behalf that have suffered accordingly and we'd like to find a way to help those folks."

St. Vinnies is partnering with Lane County and the Cities of Eugene and Springfield in this effort. The mayors of both cities have joined a national challenge to end veteran homelessness by 2016.