Lane County Republicans, GOP Chair Ready For Trump

Jan 17, 2017

Even in super blue state Oregon, there are Donald Trump supporters.  

People pose with a Trump standup at the Lane County GOP's Election Night Watch Party last November.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Among them is Wayne Lemler, Chair of the Lane County Republicans.

Lemler says he’s looking forward to Inauguration Day and beyond, because he feels a Trump administration could do great things for the Beaver State.

“I’m hoping that Donald Trump will actually have some potential inroads into our timber industry, and being able to actually cut down some trees and make wood products out of them," Lemler tells KLCC.  

" I’m also hoping he’s going to be able to get companies like Apple to move back, I mean, as you know, particularly up in the Portland area but here too in Eugene, we’re a high tech state!” 

Lemler says he’s hoping President Trump could leverage things at the federal level to enable more tech corporations to be part of Oregon’s corporate profile.