Local Bakers Fight Racism With Tasty Treats

Jun 17, 2020

This week, local chefs are participating in a good old-fashioned bake sale to raise money for organizations that fight racism. “Bakers Against Racism” is a national effort.

Gracie Schatz is owner of Heart of Willamette Cooking School in Eugene. She’s collaborating with Prince Pucklers and the Kiva to make ice cream sandwiches.

“We’re doing two different kinds. I ‘m doing a cardamom snickerdoodle to go with Prince Puckler’s strawberry ice cream and then just a classic sea salt chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate.”

Schatz says participating in the bake sale is easy for those who want to make a difference.

“This is a very simple way to support anti-racist organizations that is delicious.”

The funds raised from ice cream cookie sales will go to the NAACP Youth Council.

Noisette Pastry Kitchen is making Oatmeal blackcurrant sourdough for the Bakers Against Racism bake sale
Credit Noisette on Instagram

Wednesday (June 17th) is the final day to pre-order those ice-cream cookies. But, each participant is doing the bake sale differently. In Eugene, those include Noisette, Marche, and Party Downtown.