Many Parks And Trails Open, But Officials Urge Caution Given Storm Damage

Mar 3, 2019

City parks and other open spaces across the Eugene-Springfield area remain open for visitors.  However, officials warn people to be wary as heavy winter storm damage can make local parks and trails hazardous.

Collapsed and carved up trees rest behind a hazard sign at Hendricks Park, in Eugene.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC



“We haven’t had an opportunity to really take a good look to see what hazards there could be," says Brian Richardson of the City of Eugene’s Public Works Department. "Large trees down, there could be some branches that have snapped atop but haven’t fallen yet.  


"So we’re asking people to just be aware of your surroundings.  Look up, look down, look all around.”

A tall tree fell over this section of Hendricks Park, near an interpretative kiosk and parking lot.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC


Affected parks include Hendricks Park, Skinner Butte, and the Ridgeline Park system.  Richardson says if anyone sees damage or hazards, to call the City of Eugene’s Public Works Department.  

Hendricks Park entrance, which has not been officially closed but city officials urge caution.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC


Some Lane County parks – including Mount Pisgah – remain closed following the storm.


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