Oregon's FEMA-Approved Mitigation Plan Regains Enhanced Status

Mar 23, 2015

Credit FEMA.gov

Oregon is among 12 states to receive Enhanced Mitigation status from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

States with Enhanced Mitigation Plans have demonstrated to the federal government they have been proactive and comprehensive in their disaster preparedness programs. Achieving this status means more funding will be available to those states if a disaster happens. Oregon Office of Emergency Management Spokesman Cory Grogan says the success of Oregon's Mitigation Plans start with its leaders.

Grogan: "Basically, they take their knowledge, their subject matter expert knowledge of how they implement these programs and use these Mitigation dollars responsibly. And they prove that they can do that and that is how they earn the status."

Grogan says being able to access increased funds from FEMA puts Oregon in a better position to deal with the potential Cascadia Earthquake and tsunami, wildfires, and severe winter storms.

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