Oregon's Graduation Rate Improves

Jan 28, 2016

Oregon’s high school graduation rate increased to 73-point-8 percent in 2015. That’s up 2 percent from the year before.

Credit KOIN.com

Eugene’s Bethel School District has seen a 15 percent increase in its graduation rates since the state started measuring in the 2008 school year. Bethel Superintendent Colt Gill says the district has put in place several initiatives to help kids graduate.
Gill: “The other thing that is really exciting to us is a real closing of the achievement gap, with our students of color and our students who are struggling with issues of poverty and other financial struggles. Those groups of students are also making great gains and really closing in.”
Bethel’s overall graduation rate is 74.45 percent, Eugene 4J’s is around the same. Springfield’s grad rate last year was 65.7 percent.
Oregon regularly has one of the nation’s lowest graduation rates.