Oregon's Non-LatinX DREAMer Population May Grow

Jun 14, 2018


Courtney Garcia
Credit Oregon State University

As the six-year anniversary of DACA approaches, KLCC looks at the policy and how it affects Oregonians. One thing many people might not know is that DACA isn't solely a “Mexican immigration” topic.


Nationwide, one-fifth of DACA recipients are from outside Mexico. While most DREAMers keep their status secret, Oregon State University's Courtney Garcia knows of one or two undocumented students from Asian countries who've attended the school. She's a counselor with the Educational Opportunities Program there.


Garcia: “It's not just a Latino, LatinX, issue. It's maybe not as common or maybe not as many people are 'out' but, especially with TPS being taken away from lots of different groups, we'll probably see a growth in those populations.”


Temporary Protected Status status allows people to live and work in the U.S. when natural disaster or armed conflict affects their homeland. In the next 12 months, TPS is scheduled to end for immigrants from Nicaragua, Sudan and Yemen.