OSU Provides Free Reference Guides to Support Teachers, Parents with E-Learning

May 18, 2020


Credit Oregon State University

If you’re a parent or teacher struggling with online learning, you may be in luck. Oregon State University’s Ecampus has published free reference guides on educational technologies and online teaching practices.

Shannon Riggs is the executive director of academic programs for Oregon State University’s Ecampus. She said the guides include technology tips, as well as best practices for creating online lectures and ways to promote active distance learning through online discussions and group projects.

“Educational technology in and of itself, doesn't make a good learning experience,” said Riggs. “We need the effective pedagogical approaches that encourage learning to happen. Even when students aren't all together in one time and space.”

Riggs said the reference guides also emphasize ways to provide essential interaction for successful learning, as well as basic content and feedback.

“Student content interaction where they're doing more than just reading the book or watching video,” said Riggs. “The second is the interaction with other students. Student [to] student connection is still really important in the distance environment. In order to learn complex things like communication skills and critical thinking, students have to be connected with other students.”

The free resource guides are accessible online through the Oregon State University Ecampus website.