Oswalt Pleads Not Guilty To Alleged Hate Crime, Released From Jail

Feb 5, 2018

The Oregon State University student facing multiple charges from allegedly slapping racist stickers on cars is out of jail…and banned from campus. KLCC’s Brian Bull has more on the case of Andrew Oswalt.

Andrew Oswalt appears via webcam from Benton County Jail at his arraignment last month.
Credit The Daily Barometer / OSU

Oswalt has repeatedly asserted white nationalist views as a doctorate student and member of the Associated Students of OSU. But his arrest for a June 2017 incident where he and an accomplice are accused of putting stickers on the cars of social activists – containing a racial slur for African-Americans – has put his future with the university in doubt.

Initially charged with criminal mischief, Oswalt was arraigned last week and hit with felony hate crime charges.

Oswalt has pleaded not guilty, and has posted bail. His release conditions state he’s to have no contact with his alleged victims, stay off campus, and surrender all firearms.

OSU administrators and student groups have condemned his views as “hateful” and “stupid”. An anti-fascist group has also posted photos of Oswalt at numerous neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan gatherings in Oregon, including a Holocaust denial rally in Springfield. He faces a recall vote next week, to remove him from student government.

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