Parking Patrols Go Electric In Eugene

Jan 24, 2020

Parking Services Manager Jeff Petry with Parking Officer Aimee Derringer and a new electric patrol vehicle.
Credit Karen Richards

In Eugene, a new fleet of bright green, fully electric Chevy Bolts is replacing the three-wheeled parking patrol scooters. With them comes a suite of new technology.


Instead of chalk marks on tires, the city now uses a license plate recognition app, making patrols safer and more efficient. Cameras mounted on the Bolts scan parked cars. The app knows when a car has a permit. It beeps with every picture and an alert sounds if there’s a possible violation. 

The Vigilant software compares two photos taken more than two hours apart.
Credit Karen Richards

Aimee Derringer is a Parking Officer. She says the system is very accurate, which is better for everyone. “We’re not trying to trick people," she says, "the goal actually is not writing a lot of tickets, it’s about encouraging people to move and give other people an opportunity to park.”

The cars are cheaper than the old scooters, which are being sold, and they won’t break down as often. The city keeps images of license plates for 30 days, longer if there is a citation, and the images are limited to the plate itself. Because everything will be digital, as of February 1st, parking permit holders will not have to display hang-tags or bumper stickers. 

The city is upgrading its two parking garages as well, with new elevators and lighting. A modern, no-stop payment system is also in the works. Parking garage upgrades are funded by increased fees that began 18 months ago.

More information is at the City of Eugene's Parking Services website