Pre-Registration Opens For COVID-19 Vaccine, 75K Enter Database On 1st Day

Feb 4, 2021

Lane County Public Health has opened up pre-registration for COVID-19 vaccination-- to all members of the public. Officials say since the roll out Thursday morning, people have enrolled at a rate of 5,000 every 30 minutes.

The public can now pre-register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when supply is available.
Credit Lane County Public Health

The pre-registration information effort will build a centralized database. This will help health partners reach out and schedule those wishing to be vaccinated. 

There is a reminder that vaccine availability remains limited—even among those who are currently eligible for a shot. 

Right now, internet access is required to pre-register on the online portal. Officials say if you have a friend or loved one who does not have internet access or has difficulty navigating the internet, consider assisting them in pre-registering online.

Phone pre-registration will be available in coming days.


Pre-Register for COVID-19 vaccination in English here

and en Espanol here