A Prolonged Cold Snap Will Ring In The New Year

Dec 30, 2016

The New Year will bring a prolonged cold snap to Oregon and Washington. We could even see a little snow in the valleys.

Trees were encased in ice during the recent ice storm in the South Willamette Valley.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Andy Bryant is with the National Weather Service in Portland. He expects rain Saturday then there could be a dusting of snow early New Year’s Day in the Willamette Valley.
 “Sunday night we are kind of on the edge of this major area of very cold air that’s coming down out of the Arctic over Canada into much of the continental U.S., especially the western U.S.," Bryant says, "And we’re going to see our temperatures cool down pretty dramatically.”
Highs will be around 30 degrees and overnight lows will be in the teens for the first week of 2017. Bryant says during the day it will likely be sunny and clear, with little wind.