Rash Of Pillaged Vehicles Reported In Same Neighborhood; Tips Wanted

Sep 4, 2018

On Labor Day just shy of 1:00 am, a man reported that his Chevy Tahoe had been ransacked in the 2800 block of Dry Creek Road. At least five other incidents have happened in the same neighborhood, according to Eugene Police.

A surveillance photo shows a woman suspected of breaking into at least a half dozen vehicles in the 2800 block of Dry Creek Road. Police are asking for information on her identity.
Credit Eugene Police Department

A responding officer found several other vehicles opened and gone through, with items scattered down the streets near Dry Creek Road and Arrowhead Street.

The crimes happened along the 2800 block of Dry Creek Road in an area north of Hwy 569 (Randy Pape Beltline)
Credit Google Maps Traffic view

Eugene Police are asking anyone else who’s been victimized to call in a report.

Also, there was recovered stolen property and the investigating officer is providing a work cell for anyone wishing to make a report or check into recovering any property found: Officer Trevor Hart, 541-654-1242 or e-mail Trevor.T.Hart@ci.eugene.or.us

The suspect left a pink purse inside one of the raided vehicle, shown above.
Credit Eugene Police Department

Photos have been made available of the suspect, and a pink purse she left in one of the targeted vehicles (which may not have belonged to her, personally).

The suspect is described as a white female, in her early to mid-thirties, with maroon or dark auburn shoulder-length hair (which is drawn up in a ponytail in the surveillance photo). She was seen wearing a sage-green t-shirt with a circular sun design on the front, purple yoga-style pants, and carrying a small backpack-type purse.

The EPD says theft from a vehicle is one of the most common crimes.  In nearly every case, victims left property visible, an enticement for thieves to break in. People are advised to keep valuables out of sight, if not simply left home.

Other tips – don’t park then put something in your vehicle’s trunk before walking away. Anyone seeing you do this can break into your vehicle and access the trunk release. Instead, store the item in your trunk before arriving at your location.

Finally, police say to secure vehicles by rolling up all windows and locking doors.  Even if it’s a hot day, it’s better to air out a toasty car for a few minutes than to discover your property’s been plundered.

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