Refugee Advocates Will Spotlight Asylum Seekers On World Refugee Day

Jun 18, 2019

Photo of the Homestead facility in Southern Florida.
Credit Photo courtesy of Anne Bridgman

The Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County will observe World Refugee Day for the 3rd year in a row. The organization will focus on the growing number of asylum seekers at the southern U.S. Border.

Anne Bridgman with the coalition says since the Trump Administration put a cap on refugees, they don’t see as many in Lane County.

BRIDGMAN: “In that that context the Refugee Resettlement Coalition decided to branch out and begin a pilot program to help asylum seekers.”

The focus on asylum seekers coupled with the growing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border contributed to this year’s theme for World Refugee day. As part of the observance, Bridgman will talk about her experience at a Florida facility where thousands of immigrant children are being detained.

BRIDGMAN: “Visiting Homestead was an emotionally jarring experience. I was there for a week, we would climb up on stepladders and look over a fence into a field into where the children were.”

World Refugee Day is June 20th and Bridgman will speak on the 22nd at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene.