Roadkill Salvage Rules On Fish & Wildlife Commission Agenda

Oct 10, 2018

It’ll soon be legal to salvage roadkilled deer and elk in Oregon.

Credit BLM of Oregon & Washington /

This Friday (10/12), state Fish and Wildlife Commissioners meet to adopt rules developed through recent legislation. A public comment period will start the meeting.

Michelle Dennehy of the ODFW says the rules take effect on New Year’s Day. She says roadkill cannot be deliberately hit by vehicles, and drivers must fill out an online permit within 24 hours of salvaging the animal.

“We won’t be doing any game meat inspections or anything like that," Dennehy tells KLCC.  "Even now, we do attempt to salvage road-killed animals, but a lot of them don’t pass game-meat inspection.  So it’ll be up to whoever chooses to salvage the animal to decide if it’s safe to consume or not.”

Officials require salvagers to surrender the head and antlers of any road-killed deer or elk, to help research diseases. And the entire carcass – including innards – need to be removed from the road.

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