SEHS Principal: Time To Give The Axemen...The Axe

Feb 12, 2018

UPDATE: 4-J Superintendent Gustavo Balderas has officially approved the mascot change. We will have further updates soon. 

After weeks of debate and surveying, South Eugene High School’s principal has made a formal recommendation on whether the school mascot, “The Axemen” should stay or go. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Principal Andy Dey has recommended the name be changed to “The Axe”. He submitted his formal recommendation to 4-J District Superintendent Gustavo Balderas, stating that while history is important to South Eugene High, so is inclusion.

SEHS Principal Andy Dey at the January 31, 2018 forum to discuss the pros and cons of the "Axemen" mascot.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Many who advocated for keeping the “Axemen” argue it honors tradition and alumni, and contest the notion that it’s gender exclusive.

In his 8-page statement, Principal Dey says the expense of changing the mascot will not be significant, as the school continues to purchase uniforms on the same cycle…and the switch will be a one-time cost.

Principal Dey writes he’s humbled and honored by the South Eugene High School community for what he says has been respectful discussion. The team names all came to be known as the “Axemen” by 1936.

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