Springfield Will Not Expand into College View

Sep 16, 2015

Neighbors who opposed Springfield's plans to expand into an area West of Mount Pisgah can breathe a sigh of relief. The City Council decided Monday not to increase the urban growth boundary into the controversial College View area.

Springfield City Councilors proposed new sites for urban growth — and did not include a contentious area near Mount Pisgah known as College View. The City's Anette Spickard says North Gateway and the Mill Race were chosen after extensive analysis.

Credit Rachael McDonald

Spickard: "We took a lot of factors into consideration about what would best meet the cities employment land need and the target industries that we are looking for."

City leaders had originally included College View in their development plans. In response some residents, many of whom are farmers, created a campaign: No Industrial Pisgah! The group was considering legal action.   
But Monday night city staff showed councilors a study reporting that the city needed less space to expand than they originally thought.

The City of Springfield will hold a series of open houses this fall for anyone seeking more information. Visit their website for details.