True Value And Walmart Agree To Phase Out Bee-Killing Pesticides

May 3, 2017

A Eugene non-profit is cheering a decision by garden retailers to stop selling pesticides that are dangerous to bees.

Credit Danielle Tinker / Beyond Toxics

Walmart and True Value announced they’ll phase out products that contain neo-nicotinoids. Researchers blame the chemicals for recent bee declines in the U.S. and Canada. Lisa Arkin is Executive Director of Beyond Toxics in Eugene. Her organization has been pressuring retailers to stop selling products that contain neo-nics or plants that have been treated with the chemicals.
Arkin: “These are bee-killing pesticides. They kill bees on contact. They also kill them in slow-motion by preventing them from flying or finding their way back home. It’s important that these kinds of products are not used in our home gardens where we’re trying to attract bees.”
Arkin says bees are what are called a keystone species. When they’re not pollinating, that can affect the food system. Home Depot previously removed neonicotinoids from its shelves.

According to the Xerces Society one bumblebee is on the Endangered Species list. 

There are also 7 yellow faced bees in Hawaii that are listed under the ESA.