VIDEO: SLUG Queens Bring Silliness Online During 2020 Celebration

Aug 17, 2020

Past SLUG Queens pose for a photo during a Slow Roll parade in Eugene on Aug. 9. This year’s 2020 SLUG Queen Coronation was hosted online in light of the pandemic and physical distancing guidelines.
Credit Cat Fink/Bell + Funk

Slug Queen's didn't let the pandemic cancel their 38th annual SLUG Queen Celebration event this year. Last Friday, organizers and contestants gathered virtually to sing, dance and reminisce about pre-pandemic times.


The nearly 20 minute show streamed on the SLUG Queen Facebook Page with more than a thousand people viewing the video. SLUG is an acronym for the Society for the Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod.

Organizers honored “Old Queens” and contestants vying for this year’s crown showcased their creativity and platforms though video submissions.

But in a surprise twist, last year’s winner SluGoddess Slime Shine, or Jenette Kime was re-crowned. She’s the only Queen to have ever been crowned twice in a row.

“I’m happy because you know I haven’t really been able to have a full reign.” Kime told KLCC. “I haven’t been able to participate in the events because there haven’t been events.”

Kime adds her extension also means the next SLUG Queen won’t have to start their reign during the pandemic, which prevents them from missing out on events like Kime has.

The three contestants Slimella Bella, Ives Slug Laurant, and Galaxia Cosmos will compete again next year for the 2021 SLUG Queen crown.

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