VLT's 'Dracula' Wants Blood...On And Off-Stage

Oct 23, 2018

A lot of hard work has gone into The Very Little Theatre’s latest show, “Dracula”, which opens Friday.  Production staff hope the story of a blood-sucking monster is a draining experience for the audience, too. KLCC’s Brian Bull explains.

DRACULA: "I must go to England!  I'm starving here!"

The enduring vampire legend opens VLT’s 90th season. In this scene, the Transylvanian count – played by Joel Ibanez - scolds three undead vixens as they attack a guest.

Dracula (Joel Ibanez, upper center) chastises the 'vixens' (Livija Jacks, Natalie Tichenor, Sarah Nesslin) for cornering Harker (Kyle Letsom) in VLT's 90th season opener, Dracula by Steven Dietz.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

HARKER: “What are you? No, let me go! Back!”

DRACULA: "How dare you…how dare you touch him! He’s mine!"

Director Stanley Coleman says themes of power, sex, and fear have made Dracula popular for generations.

“This story certainly has a draw because of all of the blood and special effects that you’ve got to try to put into the show," Coleman tells KLCC. 

"And we are not playing it campy, we are playing it as serious Victorian melodrama.”

It's probably safe to guess that vampires will not be allowed on the premises during the closing weekend blood drive.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

And if audience members can’t shed tears for the Count’s doomed victims, they can at least shed some blood. VLT and Bloodworks Northwest are staging a donor drive during Dracula’s final weekend, November 9th and 10th.

Donors will get a voucher for $4.00 off a single ticket purchase for the 2018-2019 VLT season. Those wishing to donate can sign up at https://schedule.bloodworksnw.org/DonorPortal/GroupLanding.aspx?s=822A or by calling (800)398-7888.

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